Top 10 Low-cost cigarette brands in our store

most popular low-cost cigarette brands

Currently people across the globe are dealing with the worst economic downturn in the contemporary history. As we are trying to cut the expenses, to save our hard-earned money as much as we can, generic and low-cost cigarette brands can become the best solution for all adult smokers, who are not able to give up smoking and are eager to pay less for their smokes.

That is why we decided to make a list of the most popular low-cost cigarette brands, selling in our online cigarette store, and preferred by our adult customers. This Top 10 is based on our annual sales report and comprised by the brands, costing less than $13 per carton.

So here is our Top 10 low-cost cigarette brands:

1. Red & White
2. Viceroy
3. Classic
4. Prima Lux
5. Cosmos
6. Hilton
7. MT
8. Temp
9. Marshal
10. Style

1. Red & White. – An overwhelming leader in low-cost cigarettes category, Red & White has also been one of the top-selling brands in our cigarette store for the last four years. The brand is manufactured by Philip Morris International and available in seven exclusive styles, however, traditional king-size varieties are by far the most popular cigarettes among our customers.

Viceroy cigarettes vintage advertisement

2. Viceroy. – Produced by British American Tobacco (outside of U.S.) Viceroy was once a best-seller, before ceding it to more expensive brands, such as Marlboro, Camel, etc. Currently, the brand is selling in three king-size styles ranging by strength from Viceroy Red (full-flavored smoke) to Viceroy Silver (ex ultra light smoke).

3. Classic. – Classic cigarette brand stormed into the international cigarette industry several years ago, when it was acquired by Imperial Tobacco and modified to become the company’s key low-cost cigarette across Europe. Sold in both king-size and slim styles, Classic makes a truly magnificent offering for a very affordable price.

Prima Lux Super Slims cigarettes

4. Prima Lux. – Prima enjoyed some huge popularity several decades ago, being the top-selling tobacco product in the Soviet Union. Yet, after the URSS collapsed, the brand was on the brink of extinction. But thanks to Imperial Tobacco, which purchased the brand in 2004, Prima Lux got a new life, new modern look, modified tobacco blend and innovative filter system. In addition, Imperial Tobacco developed a wide range of styles, varying from non-filter Prima to king-size Prima Lux, and Prima Lux Super Slims. So, every smoker can find its perfect Prima Lux smoke.

5. Cosmos. – Cosmos is one of the flagship brands of TUTUN-CTC, the largest cigarette-maker in Moldova. Made from the finest sorts of aromatic Oriental and Virginia tobaccos, the flavor of Cosmos cigarettes is preferred by many adult smokers, who turned to generic Cosmos cigarettes from more expensive international brands, and never regretted their decision.

low-cost Hilton cigarettes

6. Hilton. – Another low-cost brand manufactured by British American Tobacco, Hilton is intended for those smokers who like strong and intense smoke. Currently, Hilton brand is selling in two king-size styles – Hilton Gold and Hilton Platinum, but its manufacturer has already revealed its intention to launch longer and slimmer variety of Hilton cigarette.

7. MT. – MT cigarette brand is also manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, which specializes on production of low-cost and mid-value brands. This discount cigarette brand belongs to American blend type and is a full-flavor king-size smoke of very high quality that gained great reputation among our customers.

8. TEMP. – The third brand in our Top-10 to be manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, Cosmos cigarette brand also represents American blend, but due to its unique tobacco formula, delivers a truly outstanding flavor and superior quality, in addition to dramatically low price.

9. Marshal. – One of the key brands of London-based Innovation Tobacco Company, Marshal cigarette brand was added to our stock last year, but has already managed to earn 9th position in our list, thanks to its affordable price, rich flavor and mild aftertaste.

10. Style. – Although Style brand is a little more expensive than other brands who made it to our Top-10 of the most popular low-cost brands, we decided to include it because it is the only brand to offer only Super Slim cigarettes, intended namely for female smokers. Produced by Imperial Tobacco, Style is offered in two varieties, varying by strength.

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