Top-selling cigarette brands in our store

Best-selling cigarette brands

After reviewing our sales during the first quarter of the year, we decided to make up a list of the best-selling cigarette brands in our store. Some of the brands which made it to our list are not newcomers, as they have flawless reputation among smokers, while others surprised us with their with their solid performance. But enough talking, here is the TOP 10 of the most popular cigarette brands among our adult customers:

  • 1. Marlboro
  • 2. Winston
  • 3. Camel
  • 4. Red & White
  • 5. Viceroy
  • 6. Parliament
  • 7. Classic
  • 8. Kiss Superslims
  • 9. L&M
  • 10. Lucky Strike

Marlboro has the best-selling cigarette brand across the world for more than 3 decades. As regards our store, sale volumes of Marlboro are two times higher than sales of the second and third most popular brands combined.Marlboro is manufactured by Philip Morris International, and available at in 8 styles, ranging from the iconic Marlboro Red to the innovative compact-sized Marlboro Gold Edge.

Winston classic cigarette brand

Winston, our second best-selling brand, outstripped Camel two years ago, and has now cemented its position on the top of the rankings. The brand, manufactured across the world by Japan Tobacco International, is offered in 8 versions, differing by strength and size, with the most popular styles being Winston Classic and Winston Silver.

Camel is ranked third in our list of the top-selling brands, despite it is selling in only 3 classic styles. This can be explained by the fact that many adult smokers are loyal to the inimitable tangy taste of Camel, unchanged since its introduction in 1903.

Red & White, our best-selling low cost brand, climbed to the fourth place in our rating, and we have been impressed with this performance, as this brand, made by Philip Morris International, is not available in the USA, however, it managed to outdistance many popular brands, known to U.S. smokers. Red & White comes in a wide variety of styles, so that smokers could select the best one according to their needs and expectations.

viceroy cigarette vintage advertisement

Viceroy, the former top-selling US cigarette, returned to the markets as the leading low-cost brand manufactured by British American Tobacco. The brand is selling at our online cigarette store in thee king-size styles, with Viceroy Red being the top-selling one.

The only luxury brand to reach our Top 10, Parliament, ended the first quarter at 6th place in our list, confirming the worldwide trend of smokers switching to less expensive cigarettes in order to reduce expenses on tobacco products.

Another regional low-cost brand found in our rating is Classic, manufactured by Imperial Tobacco. This generic brand first reached our top 10 back in 2009, and maintains its position since then. Last year Imperial Tobacco launched Classic Slims, helping the brand to gain new customers, among female smokers.

Kiss Superslims advertisement in Russia

Kiss Superslims, the only women-oriented cigarette brand in this list, made it to the Top 10 of the most popular brands thanks to growing popularity of Kiss Super Slims menthol. In addition, Kiss is also the top-selling flavored cigarette in our stock, being available in such flavors as apple, strawberry and vanilla.

L&M is another Philip Morris International product, reaching 8th position in our rating. The brand comes in 7 styles, including king-size, super slims and compact-size.

And finally, Lucky Strike, is the last but not least top-selling brand in our discount cigarette store. The flagship brand of British American Tobacco is currently selling in the United States only as non-filter smoke, but adult smokers still remember is refined flavor and keep buying it online.

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