Famous cigar-smoking celebrities

A long-standing sign of victory and authority, the cigar has experienced a real rise in popularity nowadays.
Whether it’s the thin and sexy small cigar or the high-class Cuban, cigars can be treasured by men and women alike.
A fantastic way to relax and take the pressure off, a good cigar can make feel like a movie star. Don’t believe us? Have a look at some of these famous people who are well known for enjoying their favourite cigar.

Cigar Smoking Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz smoking a cigar

Cigar-smoking Salma Hayek

Cigar smoking Salma Hayek

Bar Refaeli Smoking

Bar Refaeli likes smoking cigars

Carmen Electra smoking cigars

Smoking Carmen Electra

Jennifer Lopez Smoking Cigars

Cigar lover Jennifer Lopez

Cigar Smoking Demi Moore

Cigar-smoker Demi Moore

Ciara smoking a cigar

Smoking Ciara

Cigarillos – Main Facts and Features You didn’t Know

cigarillos growing in popularity among smokers

Many cigar aficionados admit that premium quality cigarillos (also named small cigars), produced from 100% natural tobacco, deliver the same flavor and pleasure, as long-filler cigars.

At the same time, mini cigars need less time to be smoked, and don’t require any equipment, like humidors, or guillotines, which is one of the factors of their steadily-growing popularity in European countries and United States.

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