LD Cigarette Brand in Our Store

discount LD cigarettes

We, at VerycheapCigarettes.com are delighted to introduce a newest brand to our product range – LD cigarette brand. The brand, which was a top-seller until it was discontinued, returns to the cigarette market with a modern and laconic look, innovative filter system and superb quality.

LD cigarettes are manufactured by Japan Tobacco International, being one of the key global brands for the third-largest cigarette maker in the world.

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Top 10 Low-cost cigarette brands in our store

most popular low-cost cigarette brands

Currently people across the globe are dealing with the worst economic downturn in the contemporary history. As we are trying to cut the expenses, to save our hard-earned money as much as we can, generic and low-cost cigarette brands can become the best solution for all adult smokers, who are not able to give up smoking and are eager to pay less for their smokes.

That is why we decided to make a list of the most popular low-cost cigarette brands, selling in our online cigarette store, and preferred by our adult customers. This Top 10 is based on our annual sales report and comprised by the brands, costing less than $13 per carton.

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