Best-Selling Slim Cigarette Brands in Our Store

Glamour Super Slims cigarettes

As the popularity of Slim and Super Slim cigarettes is on the rise in recent years, we decided to make a Top 5 of the best-selling slim brands available in our cigarette store.

But first, let us remind our visitors and customers, what is a slim or super slim cigarette. The cigarettes of these types measure 100 millimeters in length, equaling the American 100s Size, but are narrower in circumference than the latter. For more details please check our post about different sizes of European cigarettes.

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Top-selling cigarette brands in our store

Best-selling cigarette brands

After reviewing our sales during the first quarter of the year, we decided to make up a list of the best-selling cigarette brands in our store. Some of the brands which made it to our list are not newcomers, as they have flawless reputation among smokers, while others surprised us with their with their solid performance. But enough talking, here is the TOP 10 of the most popular cigarette brands among our adult customers:

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Kiss Super Slims New Pack Design

Kiss Super Slims cigarette brand

Kiss Super Slims, one of the best-selling super slim cigarette brands in our online tobacco store is selling in new, beautiful packs starting from April!

Innovation Tobacco Company, the manufacturer of Kiss Super Slims, updated the pack design for its flagship brand, making it more eye-catching and elegant, while the new floral pattern and embossed print turn the pack into a trendy accesorry, just what adult female smokers wanted.

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Continent Super Slims In Our Store

buy Continent Super Slims online

Continent Super Slims is the second new cigarette brand to be introduced to our brand assortment this week.

This is a totally new tobacco product in our stock, although it has been quite popular in Russian Federation and several Eastern European Countries.

The manufacturer of Continent brand is London-based Innovation Tobacco Company, known to adult smokers for such cigarette brands as Kiss Super Slims and Marshal.

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Fruit flavored Cigarette Brands in our Store

fruit flavored cigarette brands

Although most adult smokers prefer regular-flavored cigarettes, or menthol ones, we frequently receive letters from the visitors of our online cigarette store, asking us whether we offer fruit-flavored cigarette brands as well.

So, today we decided to review the most popular cigarette brands with fruit taste available in our stock, and we are sure that every smoker will be able to find the needed brand.

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