Imperial Tobacco presents JPS Just Additive Free cigarettes

Imperial Tobacco has declared that the company is going to present a new version of the JPS cigarettes.

Imperial is releasing JPS Just Additive Free cigarettes. Available in the market from April 21st 2014 in packs of King Size 19s, JPS Just Additive Free will be sold as the economy price sector cigarettes with an RRP of £6.55.

JPS new additive free

JPS new additive free cigarettes

Imperial Tobacco is the manufacturer of the well-known brands, Davidoff and Gauloises, which gain popularity throughout the world.

The company’s senior brand manager Madeleine Allen remarks: “JPS Just Additive Free presents the first American blend supplying within the developing economy sector and has been created for adult smoking people searching for a unique smoking experience and a real tobacco taste.”

JPS Just Additive Free smokes will be on the market exclusively, in a unique pack, within particular locations of the South East of England where there is a high tendency for additive free tobacco products.

Madeleine states: “JPS Just Additive Free cigarettes will make it possible for vendors in this location to make money out of the economy-price sector growth chance with the confidence that the JPS brand gives.”

Queen Size – New Format in Cigarette Industry

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