Cigarette Prices by State

Each smoking person is aware of cigarette prices difference in every U.S. state. There are cities and towns where cigarettes are less expensive than in others. The reason for this fact is state tax that is unique in every U.S. state. The cigarette taxes have always been a problem for tobacco companies and cigarette smokers. The prices of cigarettes are continuously growing and currently it is an indeed difficult time for lovers of this tobacco product.

Nevertheless, there is a possibility to buy really cheap cigarettes. Currently smokers can buy duty free cigarettes from Europe, go shopping for cigarettes in the state with the lowest prices or to buy cigarettes online at reasonable prices.

In fact, high duties for cigarettes perform their function and the level of smoking in the country has considerably dropped over the last years. However any cigarette user will confirm how complicated it is to stop smoking and even increased taxes and prices of cigarettes do not help to do this. If a smoker enjoys smoking or it is a problem for he/she to give up, then it is necessary to check frequently this list of cigarette prices by state as it will help to save a lot of money in future.

The difference between the same cigarettes in different states is over $5.

Look through the most recent list of cigarette prices by state.

Cigarette Prices in USA : by state

Cigarette Prices by State

Cigarette prices in the U.S. states

Cigarettes in the Fashion

The relationship between fashion industry and smoking has been hard pressed for a long time. Even though cigarette makers are not allowed to buy advertising and marketing space, smokes still find the ways to appear into fashion magazines.

It is not easy matter to struggle with smoking in fashion when the supermodels and famous designers are noticeably smoking cigarettes. Such widely known top model as Kate Moss is frequently pictured smoking. Some designers even allow tobacco companies to use their brand names in advertising campaigns. In European magazines, advertisements for Gucci demonstrated cigarette ash spread across their high-priced handbags.

However, sometimes the fashion industry supports anti-smoking campaigns that are focused on reducing the attractiveness of smoking. In 2002, Simon Lock, a Chief Executive Officer of the Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, introduced a Smoke-Free Fashion Initiative, determining the impact of the fashion on public awareness and tendencies.

Only time will show how the relationship between smoking and the fashion will flourish.

Smoking Model Kate Moss

Kate Moss smoking a cigarette

Smoking Model D&G Show

A model smokes at a D&G show backstage before the show

Smoking Sasha Pivovarova

Sasha Pivovarova holding a cigarette

Masha Novoselova Smoking

Model Masha Novoselova smoking a cigarette

Raphael Susitna exhaling cigarette smoke

Raphael Susitna Smoking Cigarette


Smoking Snejana Onopka

Snejana Onopka holding a burning cigarette

Sasha Pivovarova Smoking

Smoking Sasha Pivovarova

Smoking Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass smoking a cig

Lily Donaldson Smoking

Lily Donaldson and a burning cigarette

Gemma Ward Smoking

Smoking Gemma Ward

Natasha Poly Smoking

Cigarette smoking Natasha Poly

Smoking Agyness Deyn

Smoking top model Agyness Deyn


Smoking Lukas Dvorak

Lukas Dvorak smoking a cig during a photoshoot

Sexy Smoking Kate Moss

Smoking Kate Moss

Smoking Top Models

Natasha Poly, Lauren Santo Domingo, Lily Donaldson, Raquel Zimmerman

Smoking Top Models

Lily Donaldson, Carmen Kass, Daria Werbowy, and Lara Stone

Yves Saint Laurent advertises own-label cigarettes

Cigarette advertising and marketing is forbidden in Australia, the United States and Europe, and smoking indoors is outlawed in the majority of the big cities around the world. But in fashion, it seems, smoking is still stylish all the time.
The cigarettes appear in a luxurious black box with gold foil and are being promoted towards women in Asia and Russia.

YSL cigarettes

Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes in a black pack

The cigarettes were promoted by an advertisement showing a model that is very similar to Kate Moss, who received tough judgments when she was smoking on the Louis Vuitton catwalk in 2011.
Online retail dealers, which offer for sale the cigarettes for as much as $44 per pack of 200 cigarettes, find out that the product first introduced in 1989.
Advertising script conveys to potential customers that the label’s “philosophy is to give their cigarettes a classic sophisticated look.”

Kate Moss YSL Cigarettes

Kate Moss smoking YSL cigarettes during Paris fashion Week

It can be found as well on the script that building a sense of attractiveness to female vanity and thus making the woman who prefer using Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes more gorgeous than one who smokes other cigarette brands or more appealing than a woman who is non-smoker.”
Deborah Arnott, chief executive of Action on Smoking and Health, stated that Yves Saint Laurent fashion house should be embarrassing of itself.
She added: “As the promotion and marketing ban avoiding any advertising or sponsorship by cigarette makers became effective, smoking amongst the younger generation has slipped by 33 %.
“Nobody wants to see Yves St Laurent cigs available for sale, as cigarette manufacturers are prohibited from using brandsharing to advertise smoking in the United Kingdom, or anywhere in the European countries.
“Unfortunately in Russia and a lot of areas of Asia, teenagers are not yet secured from such cigarette companies strategies, and gorgeous brands like YSL can be applied to draw them into a dependency that will result in diseases connected with smoking and disadvantages.
YSL is a follower of Cartier and Pierre Cardin, which have as well allowed cigarette makers to use their logo.

Winston Named Cigarette of the Year in Russia

Winston Blue Cigarette brand

Winston cigarette brand, manufactured by Japan Tobacco International became the “Tobacco Brand of the Year 2011” in Russia, confirming its status of the best-selling cigarette on the Russian cigarette market.

The “Brand of The Year” is an annual award, given to the most popular products in Russia during more than a decade. Winston becomes the winner in the cigarette category for the third time in five years, topping rivals also in 2008 and 2010.

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The Most Popular Types of Cigarette Blends

Most Popular Cigarette Blends

In this post we are going to shed some light on different cigarette blends, tobacco types contained in these blends, as well as provide some examples of cigarette brands belonging to these particular blends.

Today there is no international cigarette brand which is made of only one tobacco type. Usually cigarettes comprise several types of tobacco, which together are named ‘cigarette blend’. All tobacco blends have one base tobacco sort, usually Virginia, Burley or Oriental one. There are also rare tobacco blends, like dark tobacco blend, and brown tobacco blend, which are used primarily in Asian-made cigarettes, and Kreteks.

Flavoring agents and casing ingredients are also added to tobacco composition, in different amounts, varying from one blend to another.

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10 Most Popular Types of Tobacco

The most common types of tobacco

There are up to a thousand types of tobacco grown in various corners of the world and used in production of different tobacco products. Below you can find a list of the most popular types of tobacco every smoker tried.

1.Virginia (used in nearly 70% of tobacco products)

Virginia tobacco is characterized by high amounts of sugar and low amounts of oil. The leaf color varies from bright yellow, which is smooth in flavor, to dark brown, which offers a richer taste.

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