Dunhill Fine Cut Master Blend Gold Now in Our Store

Dunhill Fine Cut Master Blend Gold

We, at verycheapcigarettes.biz, are doing our best to add new products to our stock, satisfying the needs of all categories of adult smokers, regardless of their income.

Today we bring you the latest version of the legendary Dunhill cigarette brand, recently added to our stock.

Manufactured by British American Tobacco, Dunhill brand has been long considered a real masterpiece of tobacco industry. And although it is selling in the super-premium category, it is worth every dollar paid.

Dunhill Fine Cut Master Blend Gold represents a superb combination of the best Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos, carefully cured and finely milled to deliver a truly remarkable taste of superior quality tobacco.

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Legendary Rothmans Brand Returns to the Market

rothmans cigarettes

Today we are delighted to re-introduce the new version of the iconic Rothmans cigarette brand, one of the most reputed brands in tobacco industry, which history counts several decades of success.

Rothmans first saw the world in 1890, created by famous London-based tobacconist Louis Rothman, who also stood behind Pall Mall and Dunhill brands. Rothmans provided premium quality cigarettes selling at a very affordable price, so it was not surprising that their popularity was growing sharply. The brand’s success peaked in the 1970s, when it even sponsored Olympic Games.

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Lucky Strike Cigarettes: The Story of a Lucky One

Lucky Strike cigarette brand

This year the legendary Lucky Strike cigarette brand celebrates its 95th anniversary. Within almost a century of success the brand has changed manufacturer and design many times. Today, Lucky Strike is a world-popular product, selling in more than 60 countries across the world.

The story of Lucky Strike brand begins long before the launch of the same-named cigarettes. In 1871, or 135 years ago, Richmond, Virginia-based R.A. Patterson Company established the brand, offering chewing tobacco. In 1905 the company was acquired by American Tobacco Company, and a decade after Lucky Strike become a cigarette brand launch as a rival to super-popular Camel brand produced by R.J. Reynolds.

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Meet Lucky Strike Click&Roll In Our Store

Lucky Strike Click&Roll cigarettes

After launching Kent Convertibles, which have emerged to become a major market success this year, British American Tobacco decided to add its groundbreaking capsule technology to its other flagship brand of cigarettes, Lucky Strike.

The diminutive menthol capsules mounted in the filters of Lucky Strike Click&Roll cigarettes have to be squeezed in order to change the cigarette flavor from regular to menthol one.

So, it’s kind of interactive game for adult smokers, willing to play the taste. If you don’t add menthol flavoring, the taste of Lucky Strike Click&Roll is identical to that of Lucky Strike Original Silver.

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Hilton Super Slims Added to Our Stock

New Hilton Superslims Cigarettes

This is an exciting week for VerycheapCigarettes.com, as we are introducing 4 new and amazing tobacco products to our stock!

Our first new-comer is an extension to the very successful Hilton cigarette brand – Hilton Super Slims. Hilton has been the second best-selling brand in the low-cost cigarettes category in our store, but needed a Slim variety to offer to female smokers, so it was definitely a wise move from its manufacturer, British American Tobacco.

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Kent cigarettes – History of Premium Smoke

Kent cigarettes retro advertisement

Today, Kent cigarette brand is the best-selling brand in premium segment for its manufacturer, British American Tobacco, selling in more than 70 markets, and holding leading position in more than 10 markets across the world.

Yet, this brand has a long history, full of difficult moments that Kent had to overcome on its way to achieving the global fame.

The brand was launched in 1952 by Lorillard Tobacco Company and named after Herbert Kent, the company’s chairman. Initially, Kent cigarettes were positioned as “lighter” cigarettes and contained asbestos-based filters.

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