Queen Size – New Format in Cigarette Industry


In recent months, the leading cigarette makers are competing in launching new cigarette brands in a totally new format – very convenient and close to the king size one. These cigarettes are slimmer than those of king size, but at the same time, not as slim as the nano-sized cigarettes (belonging to the Compact King Size – which is also growing in popularity on the international market). The new format was named Queen Size, and here is our review of the best brands, representing this innovative size:

“Convenient Size – Made with Taste” – this is the advertising slogan of West Compact cigarettes. Manufactured by Imperial Tobacco, the brand comes in two versions, offered in a new and trendy Queen Size format and mid-value price segment.

Joel Hamms, brand development director for West Brand believes that the launch of West Compact will allow boosting market share of West brand, offering adult smokers a chance to choose between a wider product range.

“The novelty will offer a more modern look to the reputation of West brand, said Hamms. “This is an innovative, but affordable product”, he added.

The company hopes the new format has a high growth potential, basing on the experience of compact size format, which became the fastest growing segment of the international cigarette market in 2011.

According to Imperial Tobacco spokesman, innovation is the main factor of development and growth, thus, West brand defies the market, intending to become the number 1 brand in the growing mid-value segment.

Davidoff Shape Cigarettes

“Compact. Daring. Vivid” – these words precisely describe the new format of Davidoff Shape cigarettes launched this summer by Imperial Tobacco. The packs of Davidoff Shape are more compact, elegant and attractive thanks to smaller diameter of the cigarettes.

The manufacturers of Davidoff brand always try to get along with the time and offer its affluent customers many innovative products of the world-famous premium quality. That is why Davidoff was one of the first brands to introduce a Queen Size version, only behind Marlboro and its Marlboro Gold Touch version.

The usage of black-and-white color scheme for the packs of the newest Davidoff cigarettes is not accidental, since the new offer is intended for younger and trendy audience which shows active interest in new and fashionable products.

We believe that the Queen Size category has a great potential, since not all smokers are willing to smoke tiny and subtle cigarettes of compact and super slim formats (market reports show king size cigarettes represent 70% of the overall cigarette market), yet, a more stylish pack format is capable to attract smokers into trying the new cigarettes. Following trends and trying new products are primary features of those smokers who prefer premium brands, that is why the leading cigarette makers use their premium brands as test-products for new sizes and innovative technologies.

A review of other cigarette sizes and formats selling across the world can be found here.

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