L&M Brand Changes Filters and Pack Design

L&M cigarette brand

The second best-selling cigarette brand for Philip Morris International and one of the most popular brands worldwide, L&M is now selling in new packs and comes with new, high-tech filters.

One of the oldest brands in the mid-value price segment has no intention to get older. Its latest “renewal” took place several months ago. However, we can’t say the changes are drastic, but more an update of the previous uber-successful design, which made L&M a globally-recognized multicultural brand.

The central sphere featuring the logotype was changed to a rectangle. The top edge of the pack is now colored (in the previous pack design the edge was white with a colored logo). The coat of arms of the brand moved from the center of the pack to the right-top corner, and overall became more accentuated in silver and red colors. It is also partly featured on the center piece of the pack, being partly covered by the logo, made in embodied letters.

The right-bottom corner of the center piece, if looking more carefully, is the starting point for small concentric circles, featured on the entire pack surface, and giving it a pleasant matte feel. The identical circles are also featured on the flip top side and on the metallic tinfoil and even on the cigarettes’ wrapping paper.

The updated charcoal filter system now consists of three sections, becoming more effective in retaining the chemicals and cleaning the smoke.

The brand is selling in three king-size versions ranging by nicotine amounts and strength:


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