Legendary Rothmans Brand Returns to the Market

rothmans cigarettes

Today we are delighted to re-introduce the new version of the iconic Rothmans cigarette brand, one of the most reputed brands in tobacco industry, which history counts several decades of success.

Rothmans first saw the world in 1890, created by famous London-based tobacconist Louis Rothman, who also stood behind Pall Mall and Dunhill brands. Rothmans provided premium quality cigarettes selling at a very affordable price, so it was not surprising that their popularity was growing sharply. The brand’s success peaked in the 1970s, when it even sponsored Olympic Games.

However, in 1990s it was acquired by British American Tobacco, which soon announced it would not continue its marketing support of Rothmans, putting the brand at the brink of closure.

Yet, the world’s second-largest cigarette maker changed its mind recently, by re-launching the brand on the European Market. The brand was also renamed to Rothmans of London, getting its customers back to the brand’s roots, and giving it a piece of the unique London charm.

Rothmans of London is currently available in mid-value segment, selling at a very affordable price, which in combination with smooth tobacco blend and great quality makes these cigarettes a more than nice deal.

The minimalistic design featuring metalized colors, embossed printing and the legendary logo, corresponds with the characteristic aspects of a premium product. In addition, the manufacturer modified the filters, making them more effective. And what more does a smoker needs from a good cigarette?

Rothmans of London are selling in four versions –

    • Rothmans Blue,
    • Rothmans Silver,
    • Rothmans Super Slims Blue and
    • Rothmans Super Slims Silver.
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