Insight Look at New Kent Convertibles

Kent Convertibles cigarette brand

It seems that British American Tobacco is doing its best to keep consumers’ interest in their products. So is the latest novelty from its flagship brand Kent, named Kent Convertibles is designed to capture the attention of both fans of Kent brand and those smokers who prefer other brands.

The new, re-styled edition of Kent is not a simple cigarette anymore. It’s a gadget. According to the manufacturer, each Kent Convertibles cigarette has a button which activates a capsule in the filters, changing the taste of Kent Convertibles to a totally refreshing cutting-edge taste.

Virtually, after the activation of the new mode (Yes, I am still speaking about cigarettes), smokers get a menthol flavor, which definitely makes the taste smoother and milder.

In addition, we have cut the filter of Kent Convertibles cig, to see the capsule. It is a small bluish green-colored capsule, which breaks down when crushed, coloring the filter, and turning smoking process into funny and tasty experience.

Kent Convertibles Cigarette Pack

Kent is probably one of the most rapidly-developing and expanding cigarette brands across the industry, constantly trying to impress smokers with their new products, yet, the menthol “button” is something extraordinary. It seems that British American is trying to compete with Gillette in terms of innovations, as Gillette’s shavers come equipped with almost everything now.

Though I am not sure if the brand will succeed on the market, but I have already seen many people changing their usual KENT HD to Kent Convertibles. Literally, I think the idea of mounting a capsule into the cigarette is not absurd, since I believe that among smokers there are many people who fancy everything high-tech and gadget-like. So, for these people, KENT makers launched a great offer.

Kent Convertibles Capsule

Overall, I must admit that I was curios to try Kent Convetibles taste, which was promised to be extraordinary, and check the button, which activates this taste. So, upon smoking them I can say that the flavor indeed resembles the flavor of conventional menthol cigarettes, but its more fresh and delicious. I was really impressed! Looking forward to Kent Convertibles Slims, hope it will be launched very soon as well!

Kent Convertibles offical Presentation

KENT Convertibles. Eastern Europe promo. from Paul Henman on Vimeo.

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