Jennifer Lopez smoking a cigarette on the Atlanta set of Lila & Eve

Jennifer Lopez has never been caught smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages.
But the celebrity was seen puffing away on a cigarette last week while performing a disappointed mother on the Atlanta set of her movie Lila & Eve.

Smoking Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Smoking

As Eve Rafael, the 44-year-old singer showed up to take pleasure in miming a cigarette habit at a church.
In the episode – due out next year -Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis play mothers whose kids have been shot.

Jennifer Lopez Smoking

Jennifer Lopez smoking cigarette

The distracted women then form groups for take revenge for their kids’ deaths after local authorities do not succeed in punishing murderers justly.
Lila & Eve is staged by Charles Stone III, who directed Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story, Mr 3000, and Drumline.

Smoking Celebrity

Smoking J Lo

Jennifer has been smoking cigarette even making rings while at the same time showing her silver manicure.
The Parker celebrity was wearing a fur-collared soft trench, grey sweatpants, blue fingerless gloves, and gold sneakers.

JLO Smoking

Smoking J Lo

The American Idol judge had minimal make-up for the downcast vignette, covering her long ombre hair with a shorter bob wig.

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