Innovative Winston XS in Our Store

New Winston XS cigarette brand

Japan Tobacco International, the world’s third-largest cigarette maker, has recently expanded the assortment of Winston, its best-selling cigarette brand, by launching the innovative Winston XS cigarettes.

The new brand comes in two versions – Winston XS Blue (with 6mg of tar and 0.5mg of nicotine per cigarette) and Winston XS Silver (with 4mg of tar and 0.4mg of nicotine per cigarette), equipped with high-tech charcoal filters.

“Today, the development of premium XS line, created especially for modern smokers, willing to try new trends and products, and combining innovative technology, elegant design and the world-famous quality, is one of the strategic directions of marketing of Winston brand across the globe”, – said director of strategic development for Winston brand Dmitry Isakov.

The packs of Winston XS will have round ends, three-dimensional structure embossment and an image of a silver eagle on the front side of the packs.

The new Winston cigarettes, which are available from May in all stores across Eastern Europe, are manufactured at Japan Tobacco International “Petro” production plant in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The launch of the latest Winston cigarette will be accompanied by advertising campaign in the points of sale, newspapers and magazines and online.

Winston XS advert

Winston is the second best-selling brand in our store that is why we hope that our adult customers will appreciate the newest extension of Winston brand family.

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