Gwyneth Paltrow smoking one cigarette a week

Gwyneth Paltrow smokes one cigarette a week.

Smoking Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a black dress

The American actress mentioned she cannot completely quit smoking but claims she would never use a cigarette next to her children.

Paltrow explained that she is smoking one cigarette a week and her girlfriends she uses a cigarette with know about it, but she would never smoke near her children.

The famously health conscious star also spoke her mind about her family, naming the kids her “best achievement” and marrying their father, Chris Martin, was her “best decision up to now”.

She mentioned that she is really blessed to have two healthy kids, and she enjoys raising them and watching them start to develop and be themselves.”

She said: “My best weekend is sleeping and then having a really lazy day with the family, cooking, joking and going for a walk.”

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