Gauloises Brand Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Gauloises Blondes cigarettes

The year of 2010 was very special for the Gauloises cigarette brand, as the brand celebrates its centenary anniversary! During the one hundred years of success on the worldwide tobacco market Gauloises brand managed to maintain its flawless reputation, as well as relevance and originality.

Gauloises is an international cigarette brand, whose history stems from France. Currently, the brand is available in more than 50 countries across the world.

Gauloises made a long way from the moment it was first introduced to the market in France, being offered in packs in 1910.

The French smokers appreciated the new brand right away for the especial features it offered, like strength and invigorating smell. The brand’s name was selected in order to appeal to patriotic feelings of the French people, reminding them about the resistance of antic Gallic population to the Roman conquerors. On the eve of the First World War the appeal to the patriotism was a more than wise marketing move.

In 1925 French artist Guyot created the logo on the pack the brand, which became its trademark, and later, in 1936, a team of designers led by J. Janko, the pack of Gauloises got its vivid blue color, world-recognized until now.

Gauloises cigarettes retro advert

The brand was the synonym of the French culture for many decades, partly thanks to the popular and memorable slogan – “Liberte Toujours” (Liberty Forever) – that is the motto which Gauloises uses for more than a century of its successful manufacture, luring smokers by its rich heritage; desire to bust stereotypes and passion for freedom.

In 1984 the manufacturers of Gauloises developed a new version of its flagship cigarette, named Gauloises Blondes, destined to conquer the world with its new flavor and catching motto. At present Gauloises Blondes cigarettes has grown to become the leading version in the Gauloises brand range.

In 2009 Imperial Tobacco, which acquired the brand together with its previous maker, Atladis, sold 33 billion Gauloises cigarettes, after introducing them to the markets of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In addition, the brand is ranked among the best-selling cigarettes across European Union.

The brand currently holds leading positions in the mid-value price segment in Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Slovak Republic, Spain and many other countries.

Gauloises is marketed as bold and creative product of French origin, which distinguishes its loyal customers from others by its extraordinary passion for adventurous life, giving numerous cigarette lovers a great chance to show their personality and individuality. With the help of various advertising campaigns carried out since 1992 the brand managed to win its smoking audience of nonconformists, who formed their own community.

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