Dunhill Fine Cut Master Blend Gold Now in Our Store

Dunhill Fine Cut Master Blend Gold

We, at verycheapcigarettes.biz, are doing our best to add new products to our stock, satisfying the needs of all categories of adult smokers, regardless of their income.

Today we bring you the latest version of the legendary Dunhill cigarette brand, recently added to our stock.

Manufactured by British American Tobacco, Dunhill brand has been long considered a real masterpiece of tobacco industry. And although it is selling in the super-premium category, it is worth every dollar paid.

Dunhill Fine Cut Master Blend Gold represents a superb combination of the best Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos, carefully cured and finely milled to deliver a truly remarkable taste of superior quality tobacco.

The newest Dunhill cigarettes are packed in an exclusive flip-top box, featuring its landmark Reloc technology which prevents cigarettes from becoming stale and allows storing them for a longer period without losses in the taste and quality. The pack of the Dunhill Fine Cut Master Blend Gold is a work of art itself, with its elegant bronze color and embossed printing.

The new Dunhill cigarettes are also equipped with patented filtering system, divided into several sections for even higher protection against penetration of tobacco smoke.

Dunhill Master Blend Gold cigarettes contain only 0.4mg of nicotine, providing a luxury experience of smoking a tobacco product with a mild, pure taste and truly exceptional flavor.

You can try the new Dunhill cigarettes by ordering them in our online cigarette store at the lowest price across the web.


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