Cigarillos – Main Facts and Features You didn’t Know

cigarillos growing in popularity among smokers

Many cigar aficionados admit that premium quality cigarillos (also named small cigars), produced from 100% natural tobacco, deliver the same flavor and pleasure, as long-filler cigars.

At the same time, mini cigars need less time to be smoked, and don’t require any equipment, like humidors, or guillotines, which is one of the factors of their steadily-growing popularity in European countries and United States.

In the article below, we are going to shed some light on what is a cigarillo, as well as its composition and features.

Main Facts about Small Cigars

First of all cigarillos, are virtually small-sized cigars, which are meant to be smoked like cigars, and not inhaled like a cigarette. In Europe, cigarillos are also named as ‘Seven Minute Cigar’, meaning that they are smoked fast, and suit those cigar smokers, who sometimes don’t have enough time to indulge a full-length cigar.

High quality cigarillos brands are made from 100% tobacco, sometimes blended with aromatizes, and wrapped in tobacco leaf. Some cigarillos can have a mounted filter-tip, while others come without any sort of filters. Little cigars also vary in flavor, ranging from traditional cherry and rum, to exotic Macchiato and Latte.

At the same time, small cigars are generally machine made, in contrast to large cigars, rolled manually.

Cigarillos are usually manufactured in several European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland, as well as in United States, from tobaccos grown in African and Latin American countries.

Different cigarillos’ blends:
100% Tobacco

If you prefer cigars made from 100% natural tobacco, you can opt for Zino Davidoff cigarillos, made in Switzerland, Al Capone, Moods Golden Taste, Monte Cristo, or Café Crème – the leading little cigar brand across Europe.

Al Capone Sweets cigarillos

Among other magnificent cigarillos brands, manufactured from natural tobacco and wrapped in tobacco leaf, there are Romeo y Julieta, Churchill №5 by Dannemann Tobacco Company, La Paz, Colts and Mercanudo made by Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Not 100% tobacco

Some small cigars manufacturers offer inexpensive products, wrapped in the substitute of tobacco leaves, named as homogenate tobacco leaf. This feature is usually mentioned on the packs, so if you are willing to try small cigars of the best quality, check Natural Leaf note on the packs, or ask the seller to recommend you any natural tobacco brands.

Pipe Tobacco

Another tobacco blend used in cigarillos is pipe tobacco. The best example of such product is Black Stone Cherry и Mild.

Cigarillos that contain pipe tobacco are also very popular on the market, since they contain certain sort of tobacco which makes the flavor smoother and more aromatic.

Overall, small cigars are a great alternative for those cigar aficionados, which have no time or opportunity to buy luxury hand-made cigars.

Yet, it should be mentioned in the end that cigarillos, cigars, or any other tobacco product should not be considered a safer or healthier substitution of cigarettes.

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