Changes in Cigarette Names from Ligths to Gold

Online Marlboro GoldAt, we receive a lot of messages from our customers, asking us about which strength do names like ‘Blue’, ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, etc. refer to, so we decided to make a small overview of the new cigarette names and their meaning.

As such terms as ‘lights’ and ‘ultra lights’ were banned in both the United States and European Union, the cigarette makers resorted to the use of colors and other names, to help cigarette smokers distinguish between their products. So, let us check the new names of your favorite online cigarette brands.

Full-flavored cigarettes

Most of cigarette manufacturers have switched to the term ‘RED’ to identify former strongest smoke. For example, Marlboro Red, Chesterfield Red, Classic Red, L&M Red Label, Monte Carlo Red, and others.

Other tobacco companies used the term ‘full-flavor’ or ‘classic’ to mark the cigarettes with the highest nicotine amount, like Camel FF, Bond Street Classic Selection, Davidoff Classic, Winston Classic, President Classic.

Some cigarette makers were even more creative in naming their cigarette brands, developing such brand names as Atis Ardent, Beverly Off Road, Parliament Night Blue or Red&White American Blend, Kent HD Futura, Glamour Super Slims Liliac, George Karelia and Sons Superior Virginia.

Light Cigarettes

What takes Light cigarettes, tobacco companies showed some imagination in creating new names for their cigarettes.

The most widespread names for former Lights are ‘Gold’ and ‘Blue’. For Example, Marlboro Gold, Camel Blue, Winston Blue, Chesterfield Blue, Davidoff Gold.

Another commonly-used term for this type of cigarettes is ‘Special’, which can be met in Bond Street Special Selection, Red&White Special.

Among uncommon names there are Atis Dark, Hilton Platinum, Parliament Aqua Blue, Beverly Highway, George Karelia and Sons Smoother Taste and Kent HD Neo.

Ultra Light Cigarettes

Here, the manufacturers usually use such term as ‘Silver’, like Camel Silver, Marlboro Silver, Winston Silver, Monte Carlo Silver and Parliament Silver Blue.

Another widely-used name of former ultra lights smokes is ‘Amber’. For example, Pall Mall Amber, Glamour Super Slims Amber.

Other cigarette makers prefer unusual names like Chesterfield Bronze, Karelia Slims Crem, Bond Street Fine Selection and Esse Super Slims Special Gold.

Overall, if you are not sure which brand you need, it’s always better to check the amounts of nicotine to find your prefect cigarette.

Some Former name – Current name examples

Marlboro Lights Marlboro Gold
Camel Ultra Lights Camel Silver
Winston Filters Winston Classic
Winston Lights Winston Gold
Pall Mall Lights 8 Pall Mall Blue
Hilton Kings Hilton Gold
Monte Carlo Filters Monte Carlo Red
Viceroy Filters Viceroy Red
L&M Lights L&M Blue Label
Parliament Kings Parliament Night Blue
Bond Street American Blend Bond Street Classic Selection
Red&White Lights Red&White Special
Kent Blue 8 Kent HD Futura
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