Kiss Super Slims New Pack Design

Kiss Super Slims cigarette brand

Kiss Super Slims, one of the best-selling super slim cigarette brands in our online tobacco store is selling in new, beautiful packs starting from April!

Innovation Tobacco Company, the manufacturer of Kiss Super Slims, updated the pack design for its flagship brand, making it more eye-catching and elegant, while the new floral pattern and embossed print turn the pack into a trendy accesorry, just what adult female smokers wanted.

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Iconic Cafe Creme Small Cigars in our Store

Cafe Creme small cigars

Café Crème small cigars have been introduced to our stock so that adult smokers, willing to indulge a fine cigar smoke, could be able to opt for a truly top-of-the-line product. Café Crème has been the best-selling small cigar in more than 115 countries across the world, including the UK, Germany and France. That is why we are confident that this remarkable brand delivers the best quality across the international tobacco market.

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Colts Small Cigars Now Available in Our Store

tax-free Colts Small Cigars

Small cigars have been growing in popularity among adult tobacco consumers lately, as many cigar aficionados can’t afford large hand-made cigars anymore due to the difficult economic situation, and turn to the less expensive, machine-made small cigars and cigarillos.

That is why we are proud to welcome Colts small cigars brand in our stock. Colts are one of the most popular brands of small flavored cigars across the European Union in recent years, that is why we are confident that our smokers will appreciate the super quality of these cigars, as well as their natural taste of pure tobacco.

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Continent Super Slims In Our Store

buy Continent Super Slims online

Continent Super Slims is the second new cigarette brand to be introduced to our brand assortment this week.

This is a totally new tobacco product in our stock, although it has been quite popular in Russian Federation and several Eastern European Countries.

The manufacturer of Continent brand is London-based Innovation Tobacco Company, known to adult smokers for such cigarette brands as Kiss Super Slims and Marshal.

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Hilton Super Slims Added to Our Stock

New Hilton Superslims Cigarettes

This is an exciting week for, as we are introducing 4 new and amazing tobacco products to our stock!

Our first new-comer is an extension to the very successful Hilton cigarette brand – Hilton Super Slims. Hilton has been the second best-selling brand in the low-cost cigarettes category in our store, but needed a Slim variety to offer to female smokers, so it was definitely a wise move from its manufacturer, British American Tobacco.

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Chesterfield Cigarette brand in New Pack Design

Chesterfield Red Cigarette Brand New Design

Last week, Philip Morris International introduced new pack design for Chesterfield, one of the key global brands for the leading tobacco company across the world.

The new packs feature a more vivid and distinct image and log of the brand, with a large “C” letter, crown and abstract-style drawing on the background. In addition, the color scheme of the new packs coinsides with the name of each particular style.

For example, Chesterfield Red has red textured letters on the pack, Chesterfield Blue features blue lettering and background pattern, and Chesterfield Bronze includes light-brown design.

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