Marlboro. Legend’s Story

Marlboro cigarette brand

Not all smokers know, that the world’s Nr. 1 cigarette – Marlboro, mainly associated with brave cowboys, were initially intended only for women.

Marlboros were first launched in 1924, in the United States and were selling as female cigarettes with mouthpieces. Moreover, women could choose between the colors of mouthpieces – elegant ivory or stylish red. The white-colored packs looked more than ladylike, and the advertising slogan “Mild as May” was corresponding to the image of a womanly cigarette.

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Meet Lucky Strike Click&Roll In Our Store

Lucky Strike Click&Roll cigarettes

After launching Kent Convertibles, which have emerged to become a major market success this year, British American Tobacco decided to add its groundbreaking capsule technology to its other flagship brand of cigarettes, Lucky Strike.

The diminutive menthol capsules mounted in the filters of Lucky Strike Click&Roll cigarettes have to be squeezed in order to change the cigarette flavor from regular to menthol one.

So, it’s kind of interactive game for adult smokers, willing to play the taste. If you don’t add menthol flavoring, the taste of Lucky Strike Click&Roll is identical to that of Lucky Strike Original Silver.

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Innovative Winston XS in Our Store

New Winston XS cigarette brand

Japan Tobacco International, the world’s third-largest cigarette maker, has recently expanded the assortment of Winston, its best-selling cigarette brand, by launching the innovative Winston XS cigarettes.

The new brand comes in two versions – Winston XS Blue (with 6mg of tar and 0.5mg of nicotine per cigarette) and Winston XS Silver (with 4mg of tar and 0.4mg of nicotine per cigarette), equipped with high-tech charcoal filters.

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Top-selling cigarette brands in our store

Best-selling cigarette brands

After reviewing our sales during the first quarter of the year, we decided to make up a list of the best-selling cigarette brands in our store. Some of the brands which made it to our list are not newcomers, as they have flawless reputation among smokers, while others surprised us with their with their solid performance. But enough talking, here is the TOP 10 of the most popular cigarette brands among our adult customers:

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Top 10 Low-cost cigarette brands in our store

most popular low-cost cigarette brands

Currently people across the globe are dealing with the worst economic downturn in the contemporary history. As we are trying to cut the expenses, to save our hard-earned money as much as we can, generic and low-cost cigarette brands can become the best solution for all adult smokers, who are not able to give up smoking and are eager to pay less for their smokes.

That is why we decided to make a list of the most popular low-cost cigarette brands, selling in our online cigarette store, and preferred by our adult customers. This Top 10 is based on our annual sales report and comprised by the brands, costing less than $13 per carton.

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Fruit flavored Cigarette Brands in our Store

fruit flavored cigarette brands

Although most adult smokers prefer regular-flavored cigarettes, or menthol ones, we frequently receive letters from the visitors of our online cigarette store, asking us whether we offer fruit-flavored cigarette brands as well.

So, today we decided to review the most popular cigarette brands with fruit taste available in our stock, and we are sure that every smoker will be able to find the needed brand.

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