Queen Size – New Format in Cigarette Industry


In recent months, the leading cigarette makers are competing in launching new cigarette brands in a totally new format – very convenient and close to the king size one. These cigarettes are slimmer than those of king size, but at the same time, not as slim as the nano-sized cigarettes (belonging to the Compact King Size – which is also growing in popularity on the international market). The new format was named Queen Size, and here is our review of the best brands, representing this innovative size:

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Gauloises Brand Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Gauloises Blondes cigarettes

The year of 2010 was very special for the Gauloises cigarette brand, as the brand celebrates its centenary anniversary! During the one hundred years of success on the worldwide tobacco market Gauloises brand managed to maintain its flawless reputation, as well as relevance and originality.

Gauloises is an international cigarette brand, whose history stems from France. Currently, the brand is available in more than 50 countries across the world.

Gauloises made a long way from the moment it was first introduced to the market in France, being offered in packs in 1910.

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Lucky Strike Cigarettes: The Story of a Lucky One

Lucky Strike cigarette brand

This year the legendary Lucky Strike cigarette brand celebrates its 95th anniversary. Within almost a century of success the brand has changed manufacturer and design many times. Today, Lucky Strike is a world-popular product, selling in more than 60 countries across the world.

The story of Lucky Strike brand begins long before the launch of the same-named cigarettes. In 1871, or 135 years ago, Richmond, Virginia-based R.A. Patterson Company established the brand, offering chewing tobacco. In 1905 the company was acquired by American Tobacco Company, and a decade after Lucky Strike become a cigarette brand launch as a rival to super-popular Camel brand produced by R.J. Reynolds.

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Winston Named Cigarette of the Year in Russia

Winston Blue Cigarette brand

Winston cigarette brand, manufactured by Japan Tobacco International became the “Tobacco Brand of the Year 2011” in Russia, confirming its status of the best-selling cigarette on the Russian cigarette market.

The “Brand of The Year” is an annual award, given to the most popular products in Russia during more than a decade. Winston becomes the winner in the cigarette category for the third time in five years, topping rivals also in 2008 and 2010.

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Bond Street cigarettes. The Royal Smokes


When Bond cigarette brand came into the stores’ shelves across Europe in the 1950s, cigarette smokers were increasingly interested in the new, enigmatic product with vivid red-and-white look. Maybe it was the affordable price and nice quality, or the name of the legendary English spy, but Bond cigarettes quickly grew to become one of the best-selling brands in its category.

Of course, this brand has nothing in common with James Bond, since Ian Fleming wrote the first novel about the legendary 007 agent in 1953, while Bond cigarettes were first launched in 1902.

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Would you go a mile for Camel? History of Camel cigs

Camel Cigarettes brand

It’s hard to believe, but many decades ago, cigarette smoking was considered a women’s thing, while men preferred the harsh taste of real tobacco, smoking pipe tobacco, cigars and rolling their own smokes.

However, cigarettes were very easy to manufacture and smoke, so tobacco companies were eager to developing marketing strategies, to increase the popularity of cigarettes not only among women, but mainly among men. And soon this strategy was found. It was using eternal male values – courage, passion for freedom and dignity. One may say that it’s an ordinary appeal used by today’s advertisers, yet, Camel cigarette brand was the pioneer in this area.

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