Best-Selling Slim Cigarette Brands in Our Store

Glamour Super Slims cigarettes

As the popularity of Slim and Super Slim cigarettes is on the rise in recent years, we decided to make a Top 5 of the best-selling slim brands available in our cigarette store.

But first, let us remind our visitors and customers, what is a slim or super slim cigarette. The cigarettes of these types measure 100 millimeters in length, equaling the American 100s Size, but are narrower in circumference than the latter. For more details please check our post about different sizes of European cigarettes.

    Here is our Top 5

  • 1.Glamour Superslims
  • 2.Kiss Super Slims
  • 3.Karelia Slims
  • 4.Style Super Slims
  • 5.Vogue Super Slims

Glamour SuperSlims cigarettes

Glamour Super Slims brand has recently become the best-seller in this category mainly thanks to its premium quality, and overwhelming popularity of its Menthol variety. Glamour, which is considered to be the founder of the super slim cigarettes segment, is manufactured by Japan Tobacco International, being one of the key products for the world’s third-largest cigarette maker. The brand has recently changed its pack design, getting a more refined and gentle look, in addition to superb flavor and mild aftertaste.

Kiss Super Slims is one of the few cigarette brands available in our store to provide various flavors, including strawberry, menthol and apple. Kiss was the best-selling brand in this category for several years, before ceding this position to Glamour. Overall, Kiss is a high quality cigarette brand, which comes in six magnificent flavors and is offered in mid-value segment.

The third place in our Top 5 of the best-selling slim cigarettes goes to Karelia Slims, an iconic Greek brand of cigarettes, manufactured since 1888 at one single family tobacco manufacture. The brand offers a very wide product line, ranging by strength and size. Karelia is a premium tobacco product, with inimitable taste, superior quality and great reputation among adult smokers.

Style Super Slims gained the fourth position in our list of the most popular slim cigarettes, mainly due to its affordable price, as it is selling in the low-cost cigarettes segment. Style Super Slim cigarettes come in three versions, differing in nicotine amounts, from a mild version to a feather-light one. Style is manufactured by Imperial Tobacco, and is a great value for money!

Vogue Super Slims cigarettes

And the last but not the least in our Top 5 is Vogue Super Slim cigarettes brand. This super-premium product, manufactured by British American Tobacco, is one of the most expensive brands in our stock, but it still tastes huge popularity among our customers, who prefer top-of-the-line quality products only.

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