BAT Launches New Look For Kent Nanotek

Kent Nanotek 2.0 cigarettes

British American Tobacco introduced new design for its flagship Kent Nanotek brand, developed by famous design agency G2.

In October, British American Tobacco, the world’s second largest cigarette maker, revealed new pack design for its key premium brand Kent Nanotek, which was renamed to Nanotek 2.0. The new look was created by global subsidiary of G2 advertising agency.

The new Kent Nanotek cigarettes feature updated pack and filter design, as well as a new name. During the first two months of retail sales, the new packs of Kent Nanotek 2.0 will be wrapped in cover-up with the image of the old packs.

According to British American Tobacco, they changed pack design for Kent Nanotek 2.0 making it more stylish and dynamical. The packs of all three varieties in Nanotek range have become black, with refined lines contouring the pack, with each line color corresponding to each variety.

Thus, Kent Nanotek 2.0 Futura features blue-colored lines, Kent Nanotek 2.0 Neo – has silver lines, and Kent Nanotek 2.0 Infinia – white ones.

At the same time, the finest quality and super taste which have made Kent a world-popular brand, were not changed.

The new cigarettes are manufactured in Russia, Poland and Ukraine and initially sold across the Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East region. The re-launch will be accompanied by advertising campaign in mass media and points of sale.

“It is extremely important for British American Tobacco to support the reputation of Kent brand of cigarettes as our flagship innovative product, that is why we tend to be one step ahead of the industry. Before making a decision to re-launch the brand, we have carried out several tests among focus groups of target consumers. The tests have shown that new design of Kent Nanotek is perceived by the consumers as the new generation of cigarettes, and the name ‘2.0’ is associated with new technologies”, declared Steve Pore, marketing director of British American Tobacco Russia.

“We believe that the updated brand will boost our market share on the international cigarette market.”

Kent Nanotek was initially launched in Russia in May 2007, in an innovative Compact King Size format. In contrast to superslim cigarettes, which are traditionally oriented at women smokers, Kent Nanotek are marketed as “unisex” cigarettes.

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