L&M Brand Changes Filters and Pack Design

L&M cigarette brand

The second best-selling cigarette brand for Philip Morris International and one of the most popular brands worldwide, L&M is now selling in new packs and comes with new, high-tech filters.

One of the oldest brands in the mid-value price segment has no intention to get older. Its latest “renewal” took place several months ago. However, we can’t say the changes are drastic, but more an update of the previous uber-successful design, which made L&M a globally-recognized multicultural brand.

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Let’s go West!

West cigarettes retro advert

The story of the world-famous West cigarette brand got underway in 1980 in Germany, when specialists of Reemtsma CigaretteFabricken, then leading German cigarette manufacturer created a new tobacco blend, which received an intriguing name – Miami.

Choosing from various names, the company decided to name its new brand ‘West’ reflecting an American type of tobacco blend and modern appeal of these cigarettes. According to its creators the short word West vividly expressed the idea of independence, and openness to the new, extraordinary and even extreme things.

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Best-Selling Slim Cigarette Brands in Our Store

Glamour Super Slims cigarettes

As the popularity of Slim and Super Slim cigarettes is on the rise in recent years, we decided to make a Top 5 of the best-selling slim brands available in our cigarette store.

But first, let us remind our visitors and customers, what is a slim or super slim cigarette. The cigarettes of these types measure 100 millimeters in length, equaling the American 100s Size, but are narrower in circumference than the latter. For more details please check our post about different sizes of European cigarettes.

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Marlboro. Legend’s Story

Marlboro cigarette brand

Not all smokers know, that the world’s Nr. 1 cigarette – Marlboro, mainly associated with brave cowboys, were initially intended only for women.

Marlboros were first launched in 1924, in the United States and were selling as female cigarettes with mouthpieces. Moreover, women could choose between the colors of mouthpieces – elegant ivory or stylish red. The white-colored packs looked more than ladylike, and the advertising slogan “Mild as May” was corresponding to the image of a womanly cigarette.

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Queen Size – New Format in Cigarette Industry


In recent months, the leading cigarette makers are competing in launching new cigarette brands in a totally new format – very convenient and close to the king size one. These cigarettes are slimmer than those of king size, but at the same time, not as slim as the nano-sized cigarettes (belonging to the Compact King Size – which is also growing in popularity on the international market). The new format was named Queen Size, and here is our review of the best brands, representing this innovative size:

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Gauloises Brand Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Gauloises Blondes cigarettes

The year of 2010 was very special for the Gauloises cigarette brand, as the brand celebrates its centenary anniversary! During the one hundred years of success on the worldwide tobacco market Gauloises brand managed to maintain its flawless reputation, as well as relevance and originality.

Gauloises is an international cigarette brand, whose history stems from France. Currently, the brand is available in more than 50 countries across the world.

Gauloises made a long way from the moment it was first introduced to the market in France, being offered in packs in 1910.

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