10 Most Popular Types of Tobacco

The most common types of tobacco

There are up to a thousand types of tobacco grown in various corners of the world and used in production of different tobacco products. Below you can find a list of the most popular types of tobacco every smoker tried.

1.Virginia (used in nearly 70% of tobacco products)

Virginia tobacco is characterized by high amounts of sugar and low amounts of oil. The leaf color varies from bright yellow, which is smooth in flavor, to dark brown, which offers a richer taste.

Virginia tobaccos are used in almost all cigarette blends, and in pipe tobacco.

This type of tobacco is cultivated mainly in USA, Brazil, China and Zimbabwe.

2.Oriental (used in almost 15% of tobacco products)

Oriental tobacco is characterized by a mild, spicy flavor and low amounts of nicotine. Oriental tobacco is usually cured by sun and used to enhance the flavor of tobacco blends.

This type of tobacco is grown in Turkey, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy and Greece.

3.Burley (used in roughly 10% of tobacco products)

Burley tobaccos are characterized by low amounts of sugar and high amounts of oil, and offer a nutty kind of aroma. Burley tobacco was firstly cultivated in Ohio, USA in 1864, and currently is cured by air.

Burley tobacco is mainly used in cigarette blends, usually together with Virginia tobacco, as well as in pipe tobacco and chewing tobacco.

This tobacco type is cultivated mainly in USA, Mexico, Italy, Brazil and Korea.

4.Maryland tobacco

Maryland tobacco has a mild flavor and neutral aroma. Due to its fluffy texture, it has high burning features, and low nicotine amounts. This type of tobacco is air-cured and used in cigarettes belonging to American blend and Swiss blend.

It is produced in Italy and United States.

Virginia obacco crop

5.Rustica tobacco

Nicotiana rustica is considered a pioneer of tobacco, as namely this type of tobacco was used by Native Americans, and imported to Europe by Christopher Columbus. Rustica contains nearly 10% of nicotine. And is usually grown and consumed in Arab and Asian countries, like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and several African countries.

Nicotiana rustica is used in hookah tobacco, chewing tobacco and in several Oriental cigarette brands.

8.Kentucky tobacco

Kentucky tobacco was named after the U.S. State of Kentucky where it was first cultivated. This tobacco has dark brown leaves and offers a rich, invigorating taste. It is classified by solid nicotine content, higher than in Burley tobacco. Kentucky tobacco is usually used in small quantities, only to give the tobacco products an original flavor and strength.

7.Cavendish tobacco

Cavendish type of tobacco is a blend of various tobaccos, including Virginia, Burley and Maryland that were placed in bricks for ageing purposes. Cavendish bricks are usually cut in small cubes, and then in flakes of different sizes.

8.Pipe tobacco

Pipe tobacco can be further classified into 2 major categories. First category comprises Armenian type of tobaccos, which is usually blended with various flavor additives, and used in flavored cigarette blends and hookah tobacco. Second category comprises Scottish and English brick tobaccos, characterized by low amounts of sugar.

9.Turkish tobaccos

Turkish tobacco, despite its name suggests, is grown mainly in Greece and Bulgaria. This type of tobacco is used in pipe tobaccos, and exotic cigarette blends, like Camel.

10.Criollo tobacco

Criollo type of tobacco is used in cigar blends, and is one of the most popular Cuban tobaccos.

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