Old Holborn presents new pack design

Japan Tobacco international is presenting a new pack design of its current Old Holborn collection, rewarding the brand’s place in the market as the premium quality product for adult Roll Your Own smoking people.

New pack design of Old Holborn

Old Holborn New Design

The new Old Holborn is available in the marketplace from this June. The famous RYO brand’s new design pack will be sold in all channels in 12.5g, 25g and 50g packs (with respective RRPs of £4.40, £8.62 and £17.09). The 12.5g pack will offer a “new design, same taste” flash mark, while the launch of “zip fresh” concept will show a new label placed on the 25g and 50g packs to point out their apply of zip fresh technology. The splendid taste tobacco blend will continue to be the same.

Japan Tobacco’s head of communications Jeremy Blackburn said: “With over 200 years of heritage and experience, Old Holborn is one of the best hand-rolling tobacco brands in the United Kingdom, causing it an extremely important participant in the RYO market for suppliers. The new pack design will reinforce the Old Holborn brand, as it goes on to complement regular RYO existing adult smokers’ taste choices with premium quality.”

Japan Tobacco International is an international tobacco company, which belongs to Japan Tobacco. JTI products are sold in 120 countries and the company has offices in more than 90 countries. The cigarette maker produces international cigarette brands such as Winston, Mevius (Mild Seven), Camel, Sobranie, Glamour and LD.

Imperial Tobacco presents JPS Just Additive Free cigarettes

Imperial Tobacco has declared that the company is going to present a new version of the JPS cigarettes.

Imperial is releasing JPS Just Additive Free cigarettes. Available in the market from April 21st 2014 in packs of King Size 19s, JPS Just Additive Free will be sold as the economy price sector cigarettes with an RRP of £6.55.

JPS new additive free

JPS new additive free cigarettes

Imperial Tobacco is the manufacturer of the well-known brands, Davidoff and Gauloises, which gain popularity throughout the world.

The company’s senior brand manager Madeleine Allen remarks: “JPS Just Additive Free presents the first American blend supplying within the developing economy sector and has been created for adult smoking people searching for a unique smoking experience and a real tobacco taste.”

JPS Just Additive Free smokes will be on the market exclusively, in a unique pack, within particular locations of the South East of England where there is a high tendency for additive free tobacco products.

Madeleine states: “JPS Just Additive Free cigarettes will make it possible for vendors in this location to make money out of the economy-price sector growth chance with the confidence that the JPS brand gives.”

Famous cigar-smoking celebrities

A long-standing sign of victory and authority, the cigar has experienced a real rise in popularity nowadays.
Whether it’s the thin and sexy small cigar or the high-class Cuban, cigars can be treasured by men and women alike.
A fantastic way to relax and take the pressure off, a good cigar can make feel like a movie star. Don’t believe us? Have a look at some of these famous people who are well known for enjoying their favourite cigar.

Cigar Smoking Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz smoking a cigar

Cigar-smoking Salma Hayek

Cigar smoking Salma Hayek

Bar Refaeli Smoking

Bar Refaeli likes smoking cigars

Carmen Electra smoking cigars

Smoking Carmen Electra

Jennifer Lopez Smoking Cigars

Cigar lover Jennifer Lopez

Cigar Smoking Demi Moore

Cigar-smoker Demi Moore

Ciara smoking a cigar

Smoking Ciara

Jennifer Lopez smoking a cigarette on the Atlanta set of Lila & Eve

Jennifer Lopez has never been caught smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages.
But the celebrity was seen puffing away on a cigarette last week while performing a disappointed mother on the Atlanta set of her movie Lila & Eve.

Smoking Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Smoking

As Eve Rafael, the 44-year-old singer showed up to take pleasure in miming a cigarette habit at a church.
In the episode – due out next year -Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis play mothers whose kids have been shot.

Jennifer Lopez Smoking

Jennifer Lopez smoking cigarette

The distracted women then form groups for take revenge for their kids’ deaths after local authorities do not succeed in punishing murderers justly.
Lila & Eve is staged by Charles Stone III, who directed Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story, Mr 3000, and Drumline.

Smoking Celebrity

Smoking J Lo

Jennifer has been smoking cigarette even making rings while at the same time showing her silver manicure.
The Parker celebrity was wearing a fur-collared soft trench, grey sweatpants, blue fingerless gloves, and gold sneakers.

JLO Smoking

Smoking J Lo

The American Idol judge had minimal make-up for the downcast vignette, covering her long ombre hair with a shorter bob wig.

Cigarette Prices by State

Each smoking person is aware of cigarette prices difference in every U.S. state. There are cities and towns where cigarettes are less expensive than in others. The reason for this fact is state tax that is unique in every U.S. state. The cigarette taxes have always been a problem for tobacco companies and cigarette smokers. The prices of cigarettes are continuously growing and currently it is an indeed difficult time for lovers of this tobacco product.

Nevertheless, there is a possibility to buy really cheap cigarettes. Currently smokers can buy duty free cigarettes from Europe, go shopping for cigarettes in the state with the lowest prices or to buy cigarettes online at reasonable prices.

In fact, high duties for cigarettes perform their function and the level of smoking in the country has considerably dropped over the last years. However any cigarette user will confirm how complicated it is to stop smoking and even increased taxes and prices of cigarettes do not help to do this. If a smoker enjoys smoking or it is a problem for he/she to give up, then it is necessary to check frequently this list of cigarette prices by state as it will help to save a lot of money in future.

The difference between the same cigarettes in different states is over $5.

Look through the most recent list of cigarette prices by state.

Cigarette Prices in USA : by state

Cigarette Prices by State

Cigarette prices in the U.S. states